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Our engagements with clients are in the area of software design, development, implementation, support, consulting, system integration and porting of applications / products. We undertake work in these areas as turn-key projects and use state of the art development environment and tools to execute and deliver these projects. We have extensive experience in this area and hence are always on the look out for new assignments through which we can provide enhanced business value to our clients. Our people are highly competent and are willing to go the extra mile in learning about the specific needs of our clients in order to serve them better.

The following are the services that we offer to our clients.

Application Development

This involves development of custom software, to address specific business needs of a client. We have the expertise and experience in application development on the Microsoft .NET, Java/J2EE platforms. We have also provided solutions on open source platforms (PHP, mySQL / Postgres, OS-Commerce, Learning Management Systems) to some of our small and medium enterprise (SME) customers.

Application Maintenance

We understand that once an application is live (in the business operations mode), it still needs a number of maintenance activities to keep it going. These could range from providing patch-fixes to minor / major software enhancements. We are providing application maintenance services on Microsoft .NET, Java/J2EE and open source platforms. However, as we understand the software maintenance processes very well, we are open to looking at other technical areas as well.

Application Migration / conversion

Very frequently, applications have to be migrated or converted to a different technology platform due to technological or business compulsions (e.g. obsolescence of the current technology platform and non-availability of support, inability to make enhancements to the application etc.,) We have handled various migration and conversion projects ranging from database change to a complete rewrite of the application in another programming language / computing environment.

Consulting and System Integration

We have experience in working on specialized products like HP-Openview, TEMENOS - Globus, BankMaster, HP Process Manager, etc., Due to our deep understanding of these products, we are aware that when an enterprise decides to adopt such an application, there always arise business or technology gaps which need to be addressed. We have taken up consulting, customization, and system integration work in specific domains and product lines.

Product Engineering

We have developed products and understand the complexity of product engineering as compared with application development. An application has a customer, while a product is an idea with only prospective customers. We are open to taking up product engineering activities on Microsoft .NET, Java/J2EE and open source platforms or partnering with like minded companies, which may be looking for partners with complimentary skills.

Data processing and Reporting services

We have engaged with customers, who have to handle extremely large volumes (of the order of 100,000s of records) of raw unstructured data to provide data processing and reporting services. Our services include filtering of raw data for identifying data problems, loading of raw unstructured data into appropriate data stores and providing different types of detailed and summary reports using this data as a basis.

In all the above services, we endeavor to use state-of-the-art hardware environment and software development tools for the software engineering activities like design, coding, testing, implementation, support and porting of software applications / products. We are aware of and have worked with multiple SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodologies e.g., Waterfall, V-model, Agile, Xtreme programming, etc. and are willing to adopt specific methodologies based on the choices and preferences of our clients.

While we prefer the project-outsourcing model, we are extremely flexible on considering other engagement models and are willing to invest time to discuss with client(s) on a suitable engagement model, which could prove to be mutually beneficial to the client and ourselves as well as reduce business risks for both parties. While we have expertise and experience in specific technology and business domains, we are willing to invest as an organization in new areas as well.